SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What does SEO involve?

I get asked this question by most of my prospective clients. Rightly so. Here I am going to break down the process for you to understand what goes behind the scenes, the cost and return on investment and why search marketing is still the most profitable place to spend marketing money, than other forms of advertising.


SEO Benefits for small businesses

What Are The Benefits? Why SEO??

For 3 main reasons. People are turning to their smartphones to find solutions to their problems, more than ever before. Right now business owners do not have much choice. They can spend money on Google pay per click ads which is a black hole because you have to keep paying Google to get leads. Once you stop paying, your ad will obviously disappear and you will be left with a dead website and no leads.

It is also important you understand that only 10{e2867a9e46abe830e21a9cd466cfe5e53f324a3aea772c965b0947460ac8ad19} – 15{e2867a9e46abe830e21a9cd466cfe5e53f324a3aea772c965b0947460ac8ad19} of visitors click on paid ads…


Organic VS PPC

85{e2867a9e46abe830e21a9cd466cfe5e53f324a3aea772c965b0947460ac8ad19} – 90{e2867a9e46abe830e21a9cd466cfe5e53f324a3aea772c965b0947460ac8ad19}{e2867a9e46abe830e21a9cd466cfe5e53f324a3aea772c965b0947460ac8ad19} click on the organic search results….

What this means is that businesses are fighting for a few spots in Google ads and those who have the deepest pockets win the fight for a very small percentage of the 10{e2867a9e46abe830e21a9cd466cfe5e53f324a3aea772c965b0947460ac8ad19} search traffic. Businesses can also choose to pay a so-called “lead generation services” like Reach Local. I am not going to go into a lot of detail about what they offer or if it is worth the money invested in them. You can go and google “ Reach Local Review” and find out for yourself.

The second reason is that over the years, people were made to believe that those businesses who rank on the first page of Google are the most trusted and the best at what they do. So now you get a huge vote of confidence from Google and this will translate into more visitors and calls.

Why the first page and not the second or the third page of google…?

Very simple. Only 10{e2867a9e46abe830e21a9cd466cfe5e53f324a3aea772c965b0947460ac8ad19} to 15{e2867a9e46abe830e21a9cd466cfe5e53f324a3aea772c965b0947460ac8ad19} of consumers ever make it to the second or third page of Google. You want to position yourself on the main street where most customers are spending most of their time

The third reason is that you want to be in front of the most people with buyer intent. If a business is great at solving someone’s problem, that business will prosper and grow.  Here’s how it works….

Person (potential customer) has a problem > does not know solution > grabs smart phone > Google’s problem (or solution) > Sees SERP (google search results)> clicks on a result (could be phone # ) > decides whether to use company at the other end of that connection as a service provider. What we basically do is put websites in front of eyeballs who are looking for products or services. Its that simple.


What Exactly Does the SEO Process Involve?

Keyword research is the foundation of every successful SEO Campaign. At Curmi Marketing SEO agency in Malta, we use our own proprietary method for identifying the best search terms to rank for. Ranking for the correct search terms with buyer intent will get you leads and sales.  We find what people are typing into Google and other search engines to find businesses like yours. Right now these prospects are landing on your competitor’s websites because you are not on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Then we move on to your website and do an in-depth site analysis, to fix any issues that will hinder rankings. We need to go in and adjust your website to bring it up to web standards that are descriptive to search engines. By that, I mean optimizing content and website code to make it search engine compliant. Having a really good website structure will also help accelerate rankings. We have worked on big, complex e-commerce websites and have the knowledge and expertise to take any website to the next level.

After we get your website right, the next thing that comes into play is how much authority you have. We continue to build authority, again, that is optimized the right way so that search engines understand that you are not only a clear and easy to understand website but that you have an authority and that authority comes from clear and easy to understand web pages.

We distribute content on other powerful websites that link back to your website. And then even that content we are posting is in some form friendly for humans to convert. We also create and optimize your social media, distribute relevant content there as well to help you build your brand.


google analytics for search engine optimization


How Long Does it Take to Get to Page One of Google?

You have to understand that SEO is not a get rich quick scheme.  First page rankings cannot be achieved overnight especially for new websites or websites without any links. It usually takes between 6 to 10 months depending on the competition and the domain authority of your website. If your website has no links going to it, rankings might take a little longer.

You will start seeing an improvement in organic rankings within the first month. Having said that, in the early stages the search results may fluctuate.  Google does this on purpose to test your site out. Google will not trust a brand new website with first page rankings before making sure that you are a real and genuine business. Rankings will normally become stable after 2-3 months.

In fact, we only work with business owners who see SEO as a long-term investment in their business. A long term SEO strategy is going to bring you the most leads.


How Much Does SEO Cost??

We are very transparent about how we price our work. Pricing depends a lot on the number of keywords you would like to rank and the competition. Let’s say you want to rank for the search term “roofer in San Diego”. The first thing that we do is to check the strength of the competition on first page of google…., how good of an SEO they are implementing and how much time, energy and resources are required to get to the top.

Now let’s say you would like to rank for “Roofer in Boulder “. Is this search term going to be easier to rank for? It may or may not but in this case, I checked the metrics of the first 10 websites for the Boulder area and yes, these websites have a lower domain authority. So obviously fewer resources are required and the SEO will cost less.

SEO is a very measurable investment as opposed to other means of advertising, go check out the Curmi Marketing SEO calculator.


For How Long Do I Have to Keep Paying?

Well as long as you are comfortable growing your business. If you get to a place where you say, ok I am getting enough calls or whatever else, we can stop building authority, that’s not a problem.  That’s a very reasonable way to terminate a relationship on good terms.

All this is a very reasonable thing to pay for on a monthly basis. These are traffic getting strategies, that involve links and social media. We have creative writers who build content that is optimized. If we just pull back all this content building you eventually may stagnate and start to fall off but if you got the good content you may continue to get links and traffic and everything else.

We do not offer contracts. We just do an agreement of works usually for a term between 7 to 10 months so if at any point you feel that you are not seeing any progress in the reports, to satisfy the amount of money that you are investing in us, you can get out any time you want. Why should you keep paying for something that you are not completely satisfied with?

SEO is a process always changing and adjusting…staying at the top for a long time, is this not the challenge? Hence the need for monthly fees, correct?


rankings in search engines

How Often Do You Send Us Ranking Reports?

On a weekly basis, you will receive an overview report via email of all the keyword phrases where you can view your rankings.


What Happens if I Stop Paying for SEO?

You will have the option to renew the agreement for a further term. During the first term, we power up your website with very powerful links by distributing content on relevant powerful websites, linking back to your site.  So if you ever decide to stop paying for SEO your website will remain on the first page, most likely for a definite period of time.

Your competition, those ranking on the 2nd 3rd 4th page of Google, might hire an SEO agency and over time, they will keep building links and surpass your website. As a result, your site may drop a few positions in rankings.

Nothing to worry about. Now you can renew the agreement at a reduced fee of 50{e2867a9e46abe830e21a9cd466cfe5e53f324a3aea772c965b0947460ac8ad19}, and we will keep building links and distribute content on the internet on a regular basis, making sure that you stay at the top.  No other agency that I know of offers a renewal agreement for a discounted fee.

This will guarantee first page rankings for as long as you keep your payment plan active.  We keep monitoring your rankings every week and distribute optimized content on the internet as deemed necessary to keep you at the top. Sounds Fair? Why should you keep paying the higher fee when the majority of the work has been done in the first 7 to 10 months.

Our results-driven SEO agency and rankings speak for themselves. If you are really interested in growing your business and moving forward, we encourage you to take the next step and fill out the discovery form.


Why Should I Choose Your Company vs Competitor?

We are at the top of our game and can show you the results we have achieved for our customers. Others may be cheaper (or may not) but cannot produce the results.  We spend 1000’s of Hours of in Research and study to keep up to date with google algorithm. This exposes Google like nothing ever has. We have been doing this for a while and know what works and what does not.

We are a results driven SEO agency and that is why we do not offer link building packages. Others might offer you 100 links for X amount of dollars, but if you don’t get to the first page of google for buyer intent keywords, its a waste of time and money. From time to time we order links from our competition to check the quality of their work. We had to pay $750 for this….WEBSITE LINKS Click it to check out the quality of the links! Most of them are already dead so you won’t be able to check them out.


Why do You Need This Information About Our Business?

We would like to know more about your goals, ambitions, and services or products that you offer, a little bit about your customers and your competition. This way you are providing us with all the information we need so we can establish if you are a good fit for our services. We have a simple set of criteria to choose the business that we work with to ensure the maximum attention to detail is spent on your business.

I am going to personally create a video analysis for your website that is going to show you more about your online presence than you have ever known before. Fill the discovery form today and I will send you the video analysis within 48-72 business hours. How does that sound?


My Final Word Of Advice

JOEVREN CURMI.What I do is very meaningful to me…. I started studying internet traffic and search engines in 2010. And I realized that if you put businesses in front of search engine traffic then you could literally alter what a business can do.

I have seen a lot of businesses get burnt and ripped off during the past few years. If you are going to invest money in SEO, and you get on the wrong boat and they take you on a six months journey down the wrong road because they do not have experience,  that could stop you from growing your business forever.

You can go through there and quit because you think that this does not work. It is not that it doesn’t work, its that you were with the wrong captain or inexperienced captain. What you should have asked the captain is, how many websites have you ranked. Do you have any proof? Are you qualified? Do you have recommendations from past clients? They may not have your intentions in front of their mind and they may not have your best interest at heart.

Let’s dominate your competition together. It’s an exciting time to be alive!

To your success

Joevren Curmi