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Hey business Hero. People out there are looking for products or services like yours every minute of the day. If you are invisible no one will find you. Our proven strategy will give your business website the exposure it deserves.


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Cutting edge SEO and branding. We build compelling brands that get found, get chosen and impact the world. More traffic equals more leads and more revenue. We help you leverage the power of google and social media to your advantage.


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Do not let potential customers go to your competition. In other words, the internet is growing and evolving. And if your website is not compelling people will click away within seconds. We will help your creat a Brand and an online presence


Services We Offer


Optimized Web Design

We are passionate about designing high converting, visually stunning websites, focused on results and user experience. Unlike other website designers, we combine webdesign with SEO to help businesses drive more visitors to their website. Get in touch with our Malta web design team

Social Media

Engage with customers and fans.  Let your audience know about products and services that you offer.  We will help your business gain followers, earning trust and brand recognition in the process. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Plain and simple, we get your website listed on the first page of google.  SEO is worthless if its not producing any revenue or getting you a return on your investment.

E-commerce website

There has never been a bigger opportunity for business owners to sell their products or services online in Malta and globally. Expose your products on an awesome e-commerce custom designed website.  Start growing your business in 2016

Open Door Policy

Our open door policy means that you can contact us whenever you like (within reasonable hours!) We give you our personal email address and mobile phone number. We want you to succeed, your success is our success.

Monthly Reports

We will provide you with a monthly performance report. This includes your current rankings in search engines, any changes made to your website and  recommendations to help you increase your visibility.

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Compelling Content

Ain't it worthless having a great looking website with crappy boring content all over. We make sure that the content on your website is relevant, filled with revenue producing keywords, branded and catchy.

One of the search engines has led you here today. There could be many reasons why you landed here looking for search engine optimisation. It could be that you know that your website needs to have a better ranking on search engines, improved web design or create an inviting page structure and great written sales copy i.e compelling content. Maybe your website is not producing enough revenue or maybe you are looking to attract more clients.  


There is no quick path to riches in SEO. However with our affordable pricing and strategy for long term successful investment, you will make a return with just a couple of sales monthly.

The biggest mistake most business owner do is assume that their web design company or IT personnel know something about SEO. 99% do not have a clue.  We do not cut short cuts and use only the right approach, what we like to call white hat SEO techniques.

Logo Design

Don't have a logo yet. No worries. Our logo designer will convert your ideas into an awesome branded logo.

Why SEO?  Search engine optimisation is a very cost effective way to advertise online.  Having a web presence in the top results of search engines increases your reputation. We have been conditioned to believe that businesses who feature on the first page of google are the best brands out there.

Local Search

Benefit from Local Search Optimisation. We will add your website to Google My Business and make sure you feature on google maps for your local search terms in Malta.

How SEO Integrates Into Web Design

Committed to provide the best possible service. No challenge too big, no detail too small.

What can we do for your business?


The Importance Of Search Engine Optimisation

Few users, however, stop to think about the underlying mechanics of a search engine. Have you ever stopped to wonder  how do websites such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing or DuckDuckGo can tell which pages are the most relevant for our  research? It is sure an important question, since being the top result for a popular keyword can bring a vast amount of  traffic to a website. How does one make search engines favor their website over other related ones?

There are many ways to do so, but in  general, they all aim at precisely meeting the standards set by search engine's algorithms. Those were simpler a while ago -- robots looked for things such as how many times a keyword is displayed throughout your content, or how many websites around the internet link to yours. We at Curmi Marketing take search engine marketing very seriously and never focus on stuff that does not work in the long run. That would be a waste of money.

We create an effective digital marketing strategy for every business. The first step is building social media profiles around your website to increase visibility. The page one results that we have obtained over the years speak for themselves. The technology is much more refined now, and in order to properly optimize your website for search engines, it's essential that you hire an SEO expert in Malta. In fact, many businesses out there get most of their customers via search engine marketing. It's a very powerful way of marketing your website and making it visible for potential customers, due to the fact it can provide traffic indefinitely with a single payment, unlike most other types of advertisement where if you stop paying your sales will decrease drastically.

A good Online ad campaign, for instance, would bring you plenty of traffic -- but it only works while you're paying for it. When you hire a skilled professional SEO expert to perform search engine optimization on your website, you'll pay a one-time cost for their work, and your web pages will begin attracting customers on their own. By performing practices that are not up to professional standard, your website may actually be penalized. Search engine optimization done the right way can provide long lasting results. As a leading SEO Malta company, we help businesses grow through search engine marketing

Why SEO in Malta?

If on the other hand, you fail to have your website properly optimized and designed, you're bound to fall behind those who have hired SEO services in Malta, even if you invest on other advertisement methods. A creative online marketing campaign must always start with SEO in mind. Remember: Search engines are responsible for a large chunk of visitors for practically all websites, so you can't ignore it. We were made to believe that brands featuring on the first page of the organic search results are the best brands.

Having good search engine rankings will improve the brand name and credibility of your business. Some webmasters, after learning about the importance of SEO, believe that they can study it on their own and apply that knowledge to their websites themselves. While there is plenty of material available online and it is possible to give your pages a boost, it's unlikely that your work is going to be on part with that of an expert -- and you should keep in mind that surely one or more competitors in your area will hire a skilled SEO team to make sure their website is right at the top of the first page of results.

You need to focus on what you do best - your business. If you've understood how significant search engine optimization can be, you're probably now asking yourself how can you make sure your website becomes the top result for the keywords related to it. The answer is simple: Hire us, and get the best search engine optimisation Malta has to offer. Not only we have a team of trained, highly skilled SEO professionals, we are also passionate about helping local business thrive -- and there's no better way to make your business grow than simply getting more clients. Our team is going to thoroughly analyze your website and detect the key areas in which it can improve, in order to make sure search engines rank your website high, giving you an endless stream of potential customers. Perhaps you're thinking you don't have to worry about hiring an SEO company.

Many small or medium local business make this mistake as well -- they believe it's only useful for really large companies, which have customers throughout their whole country, or even abroad. This is not the case, though. As people become more and more prone to use the internet to find the information they're looking for, even in Malta, -- such as the address of a nearby company that sells a product or provide a service they need --, having a great website which displays at the top of the results page becomes more and more important. Having your website mobile friendly is also extremely important. In 2015 mobile searches has overtaken desktop search. Mobile friendly web design must be a priority in any case. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their pockets and access to the internet whenever they are.

While a few years ago most would turn to a phone book or ask their friends and family for recommendations when looking for a certain type of business in their area, today it's a lot more likely that they will simply type in the relevant keywords in a search engine, and take a look at the results.


Hiring a Web Designer in Malta

There are quite a few talented website designers in Malta. Hiring one should be easy. Web design is a great talent but a pretty looking website alone is not going to get you clients and revenue that you desire.  Just because someone builds the hospital does not mean it is the same person you want to do surgery on you. So ask yourself. Does that qualify them as being revenue generating experts.

Web development in Malta has made huge progress and today more than ever before a designer is very much in demand.  For starters, as a web developers agency in Malta we like to focus on designing websites that convert visitors into customers. All our websites are responsive, mobile and tablet friendly. This together with page speed is a significant ranking factor.

Curmi Marketing web design malta focuses on affordable and professional web design solution. Our proven tactics will make sure that your website performs well for a long time with a real return on your investment. Make the best choice for your website, and contact us at Curmi Marketing to perform your SEO and web design. You and your company won't regret it when you're getting a consistent flow of visitors every day.

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