A Great Social Media Strategy For Your Business

Connect with customers and grow your brand on social media. Let us simplify your social media.

Content Management

Have you ever taught about the day-to-day burden of  trying to manage your social media platforms. Spend your time wisely, doing what you are great at i.e your business. Let us manage your social media for you. We will engage your audience with regular posts and up to date information about your products and services.

PPC Strategy

A PPC campaign without a strategy can become a huge waste of your money. We can help you study your market in terms of demographic, age, interest, behaviour, and so forth. Then you can leverage the power of facebook and target the right audience, specifically interested in your product or service.

Set Up and Design

You should set up at least the 4 most popular social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. We will help you create and customize all the profiles with your company logo, matching banners and avatars. This will help you boost your brand credibility.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing in Malta

Social Media Revolution

We as business owners do not have a choice on whether to use Social Media marketing services or not. Use it or lose your customers. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional Social Media Management in Malta.

  How many hours do you think the average person spends on  facebook for example? 40 minutes in the US. Now  in Malta, I think    that we spend way more. But let’s say that the Maltese facebook users spend 40 minutes    a day, that’s 3 hours and 33 minutes a week, over 14 hours a month. And that’s not to mention the other forms   of  social media like twitter, youtube or Instagram for example. Now do you think that people spend that much   time looking at magazines,  newspapers, yellow pages or any other form of traditional advertising. Way no.    Social Media has taken off like a rocket in the past 5 years or so.  In 2016 more than in any previous year, people  will share, talk, like, dislike, add, and take action with whatever buttons they can click on. It's all about engaging  clients and improving brand loyalty.


We are living in a new era of mobile and social media services.

More people now actually own a mobile than a toothbrush...can you believe that.   In 2015, the mobile searches have exceeded those of desktop searches. What does that mean? If your website is not mobile-friendly google and the other search engines will not rank it in the organic search results and you will lose a ton of customers and with that you lose your company money. Having a mobile friendly website will decrease the bounce rate (visitors clicking away) drastically So the priority number one - a mobile friendly website.  Consumers are using their mobile phones to buy online more than ever before. Another statistic here, more than 50 % of the younger generation or so-called millennials would rather lose their sense of smell than their mobile phone. There are 16 million business pages on facebook (as at end 2015) Have you claimed yours yet? There are other forms of Social Media Marketing, other than facebook. Let’s take twitter for example. According to the 2015 published stats, 1/3 of twitter users buy from brands they follow. Hence the importance of having a twitter account and tweeting regularly about your brand, the kind of products you will be selling, what they can do for your customers and so on. This will add tremendous value to your brand over time.  Twitter is more effective on high-value products like cars for example.

Social Media Management Malta

Increase Your Visibility

Other Another great form of social media is Youtube. By 2018 2/3 of mobile usage will be video. Embedding your video into social media platforms like facebook will help you spread the word out. Showcasing businesses, for example, filming your offices or visiting your job site and showcasing your work is very powerful, it really really helps out with the conversion. It gives you more credibility because you have such a nice video explaining your business. Most people hate to read so watching a video will make it easier for a firm to get its message across. And remember that google owns youtube and ranking a video in the organic search results of google is easier. Why? because google loves its own products! Hiring someone to do the social media management in Malta for your business is beneficial in the way that you can focus on what you can do best - your business.

Now remember that 50% of the population worldwide is under 30 years old, so if you want to target that  demographic, you have a goldmine there. Today the modern marketing style is all about creating, curating,  connecting and culture. 90 percent of buyers trust recommendation by their peers. Have you ever bought  something because they had good reviews from previous buyers? I have and continue to do that. Reviews are    one of the greatest  consumer influencers these days.  Choosing to buy product x rather  than product y based  on good or bad reviews. This also means that  social media marketing results in higher conversion rate because   there is more interaction with prospective clients.

Why Social Media?

Social Media is like a snowball effect, the more you post the more engagement you will get. And if you are using pay per click advertising it is also cheaper, and you can target any demographic, location, gender and so on. You definitely cannot do such thing on for example tv or newspapers. So much of your advertising budget on the traditional forms of advertising will go to waste. A social media expert can help enhance the credibility of your brand.

Are you ready?  Now is the right time to change your marketing strategy and focus on what really works. Lacking social media services  can be associated with handing money over to your competition on a silver platter. Do not let customers go to your competition, start taking action.

If you would like us to help you out with your social media marketing in Malta or worldwide please contact us today.