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The Power of Search Engine Marketing

If someone is looking for a particular service, whether it be auto repair, or they even can be looking for a new refrigerator, the first thing that people tend to do is pick up their cell phones or tablets and look for it.


If you want a lawyer you look for say divorce lawyer and generally the first few things that pop up are generally the things that we are going to do, because we learned to trust google, and the first few websites that pop up get the most visitors. We generally stick with our buying habits. very few people go to the second page.  So obviously a business that has the leverage of having these number one positions would be gaining probably about 60% of all the business for that particular niche or that keyword in that particular local market. Our digital marketing agency will help you to achieve page one success.

Ranking Does Not Always Mean Banking

Just because you are getting traffic to your website doesn’t mean that it is going to convert. Ranking does not always mean banking. There is a whole other process that is involved.

Being a search engine optimization expert is one thing, in other words picking up a company and putting them in front of that traffic. Now the other part of it is where a lot of the magic happens or where a lot of companies fail. When you get this traffic what happens on your website, is it converting, do you have a good sales copy, do you have a great website, is your site inviting, is it set up appropriately, are the phone calls being handled professionally, are your customers being responded to and felt like they are cared about when they are in your eco-system.

I think it is vital for every business out there to build an email list. If you have not started building an email list, I encourage you to do so with any new client that you get.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful things that you can do to retain clients, letting them know about specials that you have, following back up with them. For example, if you are an optician and you got a list of email addresses of all your clients, and you got a new sunglass design, how easy would it be just to email your say 1000 existing clients and giving them 20% off, if that's the product that you want to move.

It's already an audience that is familiar with you and is comfortable with you and you are rewarding them for being there, and that can drive a tremendous amount of traffic. You can even reward them with a €5 gift certificate to come back to your store or business. Emails from the backend, follow up phone calls, direct mail, and customer service also, but the most important thing to retain clients is to keep them happy and ask them for referrals, to bring in more clients and that's the simple way that I try to help businesses to basically retain their clients and how I help them do it and to gain more clients in the process.

To me, that's the best way to retain a client to consistently and politely stay in their attention. I am not talking about emailing them every other day but twice a month, just to let them know that you are still there, just kind of gently reminding them, giving them value, it's better than trying to sell them something. Give them a discount on something, make them aware of a sale that is coming up, let them know how they can save money.

Social Media Engagement

So if you are a real business you got to have a facebook page, a google plus page, a google my business listing, you might have a Pinterest, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, snap chat, there are all theses factors that kind of get drawn in. The more time and care you put into it, google pay attention to that and they go "all right this is a real business" and not some guy in a basement trying to pretend he is a chiropractor of some sort, google is not going to put that guy on page one, two or three. Now Social Media is a great digital marketing tool. We make sure that your message will be distributed to those platforms where your target audience spends the most time at.

Pay Per Click Black Hole

Pay per click advertising is a black hole, you are going to have to continue doing it forever to get the traffic. Everything that has to do with PPC is based on supply and demand so if you want to go after the keyword ice cream shop malta it might be only 75 cents a click that's because no one is trying to fight for it or put out bids for it.

Now let's talk about a competitive niche. What happens is, for example, the attornies in London start bidding on the keyword "injury lawyer" So someone is going "really you pay €150 a click, I pay €160 to be on the number one spot" So this has driven the price up for that particular keyword. So when people are doing that, search engine optimization becomes more and more valuable because if you don't have a lot of advertising dollars set aside PPC advertising can bankrupt you.

Social Media should be part of the digital marketing strategy. In Malta, customers do engage quite a lot especially on facebook, Youtube, and Instagram

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